Wednesday, 6 May 2015


If not this then what?

Imagine our planet is an ant in a forest. Each leaf is a solar system. The ant will look around and think my goodness there seems to be trillions of clusters of leaves - trees being galaxies. But the forest is a tiny speck on Earth. There are so many other worlds which are filled with water/liquids filled with lava, mountain ranges major continents beyond the forest. 

There are some potent questions for which we have no solid answers sitting in our tiny perch. I want you to read this group of questions and contemplate them in your mind: Why this massive universe with gases and solids and burning stars and spinning clusters? Why only these materials? If not this then what else could have been in this space? How did this particular set of materials that populate this vast universe come into existence.... and why? What if in some other universe there are other set of materials which come together to form different looking things? Why do they exist for millions of years? Who planted all these materials that form into stars and planets and galaxies in this plane? What is this void of space in which these clusters forming our universe came into existence? When all the gases burning in all the stars get extinguished why will the universe go back to or turn into dark and cold? The complex life forms in our planet and the subatomic world give evidence of incredible, jaw dropping engineering - therefore this pattern would be continuing with the design and function of the universe. We dismiss all the specii's intelligently complex engineering to be the result of evolutionary processes all centered around survival but how do we explain the complex engineering of the atomic and subatominc world? It is difficult to study the universe so deeply from our tiny perch and at the current development of our intelligence but we have been able to study the subatomic construction which is the building blocks of all matter and forces in this universe. There has to be a reason why and how these subatomic building blocks came into existence in this particular design and with these particular properties. Can you imagine the universe without just one of its forces: gravity?- it is like someone has used a glue to keep all their decorations in place. If the subatomic engineering is evidence than it is unlikely that the universe can just be this one plane on which this set of matter and forces exist. There would be trillions of other planes with universes made of different things. And if all this unending vastness is called existence then the question is why this existence? What if all the matter in space did not exist - going further what if space did not exist - what would be there?

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